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Lakshya Aakriti Foundation is established in year 2011, dedicated to giving families living in slum communities a second chance at life through innovative, sustainable programs based around health, education, creating livelihoods and providing work opportunities. To date LAF have conducted health camps in the slums of Delhi, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh and established Brighter Future Study Centers  in Delhi to provide free, high quality education in preparation for entry into the formal school system, giving vulnerable children self dependence and hope for a brighter future.


Brighter Future Study Center

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School Under The Bridge

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Slum Shelter Home Schools

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We run a alternate school in slum communities of Delhi for rag pickers children and children who sells toys and stationery on traffic signals. We run our classes in multiple batches, in slum vicinity, places like near Metro pillon, Huts, slum houses. 

We provide them with nutritious meal before every class to the children to help them focus and clothes and understand if they have any other need so they could lead a better life and give an example to other poor children too....

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“School is an important part of children’s education. However, in most of the slums, children do not attend school and face a lot of challenges in accessing formal education. Schools are often too far away or not affordable for a large section of children who work as rag pickers, toy sellers or street vendors.


School Under the Bridge, Rajghat 

We run an alternate education in a slum community which is located in Kalyanpuri and Yamuna Khadar slum of East and Central Delhi, India, where we teach kids who can't study at school. We aim to provide them with an alternative to their current livelihoods - by teaching them how to read and write, and giving them a better chance at a brighter future expectations.

The area has been selected as an informal settlement due to the large-scale presence of ragpickers in these slums and an increase in traffic signals. The children earn their living by selling used clothes and toys on traffic signals, highways, parks and railway tracks.. This is a learning environment created specially for these children so that they may have a chance to rehabilitate themselves.


School in Slum Houses

We rent out small size houses in the slum community and run tuition classes for their children and focus on their academics.The initiative helps them gain more confidence and become more competitive with other mainstreamline children. The children are taught English, Maths, Science and Technology. They are also taken to various workshops for extra training. In addition, the BFSC organizes regular camps to encourage healthy lifestyle and eating habits.


In May 2012, 20 yoga studios from around the world came together for the Yogis Unite for Kids appeal to help launch projectHELP.


Studios in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Canada and the USA united to raise a net total of $16,552.84. Fundraisers included an Indian Gala Dinner, karma yoga classes, community meals, kirtan music nights, guest speakers, raffles, collection tins, movie nights, proceeds from mat hire, yoga in the park and donations.




projectHELP is a charitable initiative co-founded by Diptesh Singh and Joanne Heath, and managed by the registered not-for-profit organization Lakshya Aakriti Foundation (LAF) in India, in association with Forget Me Not Australia. 


Divided into four main areas: health, education, livelihood and possibility, projectHELP is designed to provide basic needs, an education and protection for as many vulnerable children as possible. 


projectHELP started in 2011 with 26 children living on the side of a road being relocated with their families and integrated into Kalyanpuri Slum in East Delhi.  Over the years, classes have been conducted in a protected area under a bridge near Kalyanpuri Slum and from various homes within the community. 


To date a total of over 3,300 children have received a basic education thanks to projectHELP! In addition, over 800 have been enrolled into the formal school system and 183 have graduated from high school. Other key work areas include medical care, security, counseling, hygiene/sanitation and advocacy around the importance of education. 


Such an achievement is due to the tireless work of the LAF Board and a dedicated team of volunteers on the ground who remain committed to reversing the crippling cycle of poverty that has haunted the families of Kalyanpuri Slum for three generations. 

The Future of projectHELP


Our primary objective continues to be educating, empowering and uplifting vulnerable children. We do this in consultation with the children’s immediate and/or extended family to address the most pressing issues they face on a daily basis, and implement the most effective, sustainable solutions. 

Encouraging the older children and their parents to own and nurture their economic freedom, fight for their rights and lift themselves out of poverty through education, practical skills training and income generating initiatives forms the basis of projectHELP’s long-term strategy.

This year projectHELP will also partner with The Yoga Mission to help educate children on the benefits of Yoga and a healthy lifestyle, and provide education, security and care.

projectHELP is a beautiful example of people coming together from all corners of the globe to create real and lasting change in the lives of children who need it the most.

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